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HW Ventures for Intelligent Software Solutions

Tickets4Bus is a software solution with OTA and Meta-Search Functions

HW-Ventures for Energy Storage Solutions

Store your solar energy to enjoy solar power 24 hours a day

HW-Ventures for Energy Saving Building Construction

HW Ventures for Food Supply Management

Products and Services for an energy saving environment



Y: We are constantly looking for M&A opportunities to generate value for our partners and shareholders.

We are interested in Travel, Building Materials, Energy and Real Estate.


Energy Saving and Storage

Our company is involved to save energy with highly innovative building components, helping to save up to 90% of heating energy.

We also sell energy storage battery systems for private homes and for industrial applications. Our systems work in 3-phases, can handle peak load and work also in hot environments.

Software Services

We have developed software applications for the bus and coach industry.

Also we develop software for restaurant management and cash-less payment solutions for different branches.

Food Logistics for Companies or large condominium complexes as a Service.

Protection, Safety and Health Products

Development of protection equipment, like air purifiers. Check out our family of highly innovative air purifiers here: