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About us


HW Ventures Ltd. is a joint venture between shareholders from India and England. It´s main business area are IT services for the travel and transportation industry.

Offering tickets sales software and internet service for the Long Distance Bus industry is the first dedicated market. HW ventures is delivering the entire software  to sell tickets fully electronically via different channels, tracking the actual position of  busses involved to provide passengers a new level of information.

Ticket experience by the management goes back to the year 1976 – with initial exploring of the concert ticket market with the electronic ticket sales system, named Computron, at that time under license from Ticketron / control data, United States.

In 2021 participation in the Clean & Safe Air Institute as share holders.


Dr. Prafulla Hede is an eminent industrialist with vast experience in various fields. He was a Member of the Industrial Development Bank of India (IDBI) WRC which happens to be India’s Apex Financial Institution and is ranked as the 7th largest development bank in the world. He was a Director of The Indian Overseas Bank which has the distinction of having branches at most Cities in the Asia Pacific region. He also has had the distinction of being one of the one of the founder director of the Gujarat maritime Board (Government of Gujarat).

He is Chairman of HEDE BUSINESS GROUP. Chairman of Samrat Club International and Samrad Music Academy. President of Adarsh Vidya Prasarak Mandal which runs 4 Schools in Goa.

Mr. Samit Hede a Commerce Graduate. He is Group Director of Hede Business Group. He has been actively associated with the operations of various group companies & is Executive Director of Phoenix Township Ltd. The Resort & Property holding company of the group which is listed on Bombay Stock Exchange

Juergen Weber –as Marketing Manager for different Advertisement Agencies in Germany he managed accounts of leading brands in a variety of branches, like food chains, sporting goods,  automotive, packaging – and shoe industry.

He organized in 1976 the first Open-Air  Festival with the Rolling Stones in a Football Prime League Stadium. He was paving the way for many open air events of this kind.

Already in 1988/89 he initiated the development of the world’s first parallel port external hard disk and tape drive for the PC industry and worked until the year 2000 with one of the leading external storage drive manufacturer.

In the years 2001-2006 he made ZUUM as the number one brand for Internet access boxes in Germany. Since 2007 until 2015 he was Director of  Vincas Ltd. and responsible for product development. He was instrumental in outsourcing the Tickets4Bus ticketing platform for long distance bus ticketing  into HW Ventures Ltd. Past the sale of tickets4bus to a French/British transport group interest shifted towards retail automation and clean&safe air product solutions.